Orquesta Cinco Esquinas
Orquesta Cinco Esquinas





Cinco Esquinas Quintet was formed in Argentina in 2005. Since then, their goal has been achieving maximum performance quality, undestanding tango not only as a dancing genre, but also one to be heard. Hence, the arrangements and compositions are thought based on the musical and the brilliancy of the whole group as well as of each performer. The repertory includes a diversity of styles (including: Alfredo Gobi, Horacio Salgán and Astor Piazzola).


The Quintet has performed in numerous milongas of Buenos Aires City and in the interior of Argentina, as well as in theatres and auditoriums; and due to their ample repertory, they have achieved the recognition of the public in general, both listeners and dancers. Among other places, they have performed in the provinces of Santa Cruz, Tucumán, Formosa, Misiones, Chaco and in inner cities of Buenos Aires province, always in music festivals . They have shared stage with figures as Raúl Lavié, María Graña, Guillermo Fernández, Ariel Ardit, Andrés Linetzky and other recognised tango musicians.


Apart from that, they have played in Buenos Aires main auditoriums: Sanata Bar, Catedral del Tango, Casa de la Cultura and Torquato Tasso, among others. They’ve participated on TV shows ("Por Siempre Tango") and on radio programs ("2 x Guaita" and "Zapatitos de Raso", both on the "La 2 x 4" station, FM 92.7, the tango station of Buenos Aires City, www.la2x4.gov.ar ). Recently they have performed in the "Feria del Libro 2011" in Buenos Aires City. For this year they got commited performances at various points of Argentina and bordering countries ("Festival de La Paz", Bolivia, in october; and Paraguay in november), culminating the year with an european tour in december, in which they will visit Austria, Italia, Suiza and Spain. Also they are recording their first disc, “Presencia Tanguera” having already a DVD recorded alive, in which we can find different performances between 2008 and 2010.


Cinco Esquinas Quintet is arranged by Andrés Rosconi in piano and direction, Sebastián Agüero in bandoneon, Nicolás Pardo in guitar, David Gustavo Coudenhove in violin and Santiago Quagriariello in contrabass.


Luis & Arlene - Dance


Based in Spain Luis & Arlene have been practicing and perfecting their tango together since 2010. They have mastered the skills and styles of classical dance, contemporary dance, salsa, ballet, acrobatics & tango in the company of Argentina’s most respected teachers. They interest turned also to salsa dancing, which later led him to study and master Argentine folk, malambo and contemporary dance.


Some of the Tango Houses and Milongas that have taken delight in this wonderful couple’s art in Buenos Aires are: Café Tortoni, Esquina Homero Manzi and El Viejo Almacén. They have toured extensively around the world performing in Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Bosnia, Serbia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Czech Republic. In 2014 they became regular performers at the famous Tango house Málaga Tango, where they were the Assistant Directors and performed in the stage they own show. 


The choreographies exclusively created for this spectacle, are extremely sensual. It  express a full feeling of sensuality but not of sexuality, where the most important  is not only the great technique of the dancers but his expressiveness. Everything is joined, looks, arms, hands, every movement of the body accompanying the cadence of the tango and transmit through what they are living: a three minutes romance.





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