The show
The show

La Porteña Tango Trío



La Porteña Tango Trio,  one of the most popular and overwhelming group in Europe, counting on 3 CDs and a DVD, produced by Litto Nebbia, an Argentinian well known musician. They have played in Theaters along 20 countries and 4 continents. Today the group, presents, its new spectacle, “Danzarín”, a precious tribute to the history of argentinian dance and music, that moves the world.


The Porteña Tango Trio with a classic tango repertoire, leaded by the guitar player, Alejandro Picciano, Federico Peuvrel, piano, and the young promise, Matias Picciano, only 20 years old, playing the most emblemtic instrument of this music, the bandoneon.


An exquisite cocktail, where music, audiovisuals, and spectacular porteña dance, highlights with the prestigious dancers Alejandra Heredia and Mariano Otero. 
They recreate the unique atmosphere of old Buenos Aires, making a great spectacle of Argentine Tango, taking the audience in a fine travel in time from the old vals criollo of 1920, till the last tango genious Astor Piazzolla, with the modern renovated sound of Argentine Tango.


Unique concert, measured in detail, great staging where tradition, joy, improvisation and dance, live together.





"...the tango modernizes itself and keeps up with the times thanks to the couple comprised of the singer Mariel Martínez and the guitarist Alejandro Picciano...” 
(El País, November 2008) 


"Seeking its own personality in something such as difficult as to reinterpret the tango classics, they come off very well, courageously and squandering emotion”. 
(Revista Efe Eme, January 2009) 


"The “jazzy” Tango, the warmth that renews Buenos Aires music” 
(Sí, se puede, December 2008) 


"Beautiful journey around Buenos Aires tango” 
(El Confidencial, October 2008) 


“...suggestive signs of identity distinguish their versions from the originals...” 
(Aragón Música, January 2009) 


"...a “tango” proposal that transcends genre imposed restrictions...” 
(El Comercio Digital, January 2009) 


"...almost naked: just the splendid voice of Mariel Martínez accompanied by the guitar of Alejandro Picciano, steeped in jazzy echoes. The violin and the bandoneon accompanied a few songs, and there is no need for much more in order to enjoy this highly recommended record.” 
(Revista Efe Eme, December 2008) 


"This passionate duo goes deep into Buenos Aires most classic roots, with songs such as «Melodía de arrabal», «Tinta roja», «Como dos extraños», «Malena», «Oro y plata», «Soledad» o «Vuelvo al Sur» that sound as discovery. Jazzy echoes and imaginable walks around other styles – folklore or rock music that these musicians have gone through- they reinforce themselves without refill and with natural nostalgia with an electric violin and a bandoneon, keeping the touch of the exquisite improvisation” 
(La nueva España, January 2009) 

Last internatonal tours: 
Teatro Municipal de Bragança, Portugal / Espacios de Caja Madrid, CajaAstur, CajaSur / Ateneo de Madrid / Teatro Cinema S. Vicente, Seixal Portugal / Centro Cultural de Colmenar del Arroyo / Fiestas de Pozuelo de Alarcón / Ciclo Noites de Verao, Landeira. Portugal / Centro Cultural Francisco Fatou/ Centro Cultural Alfonso XII / Teatro Sá da Banderia, Santarem. Portugal / Maison de l’Argentine, Paris / Auditorio Municipal de Lagos / Buenos Aires, Argentina: Jazz & Pop, Santiago del Estero, Argentina: Festival de Gramilla Además en Rosario y Córdoba, Argentina / Forum Fnac Donostia, Zaragoza, Murcia, etc. 

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