The dancers
The dancers




Based in Madrid, they are characterized by the expressiveness and power of their dance, have worked in Spain and abroad with major orchestras and in companies composed of internationally renowned dancers. They have been formed in other dances such as ballet, modern dance and jazz and they also take regular classes in interpretation.


In 2010 they participated with his work "La Couture of the Heart" at the Festival Cambalache and in 2012 they were one of the couples of the International Congress Of Argentinian Tango (CITA). The two calls are internationally recognized and developed in the City of Buenos Aires.


They develop a theatrical work that is evident in his choreography and have two works that combine tango with humor, one of them is the afore mentioned "La Couture of the Heart" and the other "It". Today they are called to work at European festivals where they teach and make shows (International Festival of Wuppertal, TangoMatrix Festival, Leipzig, Catania, Oldenburg, Aix en Provence, Monprimblanc, Rovinj, Innsbruck, Vilnius Tango Fiesta, International Istanbul Festival, Lisbon International Tango Festival, María de Buenos Aires in Denmark).


Some of their upcoming challenges are Tango Festival in Sevilla, Wawel Tango Festival Cracow, Tango Amadeus in Vienna, Istanbul Tango Experience, Lisbon International Tango Festival, Tango Festival in Oldenburg and the personal commitment of the company Tangoria with the show Tango sin ti.



htmlrich_fichimagen.gifREBECA Y GUILLERMO - BAILE


This couple of professional dancers combines elements of the traditional tango with new tango, creating therefore a full spectacle of technique and feeling. After a long-haul professional in the world of the tango, Rebeca and Guillermo are dancing togeher since 2001.

Guillermo learn from great tango masters such as Gloria y Eduardo, Carlos Gavito y Roberto Herrera. In Colombia, his home country he founded two of the most important tango company´s: Vos tango and Tango Ballet. Rebeca, combines her studies in classic dance with argentinean tango. She tooks classes from masters as Pablo Ojeda y Beatriz Romero, los Dincel, Gustavo Naveira y Alejandra Martiñan y Gabriel Misse. She is frecuenly invited in important tango festivals every year like Festival Internacional de Tango de Granada.


They have collaborated with relevant tango musicians like Daniel Binelli, Fabian Carbone, Juan Jose Mosalini en Italia, Cristian Zarate y Juan Esteban Cuacci. They also have been part of tango spectacles in Los Veranos de la Villa, Tango Fes (Madrid), Artango, Afrotango (con Oscar Dauria), Concept Tango (Compañia de Leo y Eugenia), Tango Arte y Tempo de Fabian Carbone. They also have their own tango academy in Madrid and are often invited in Milongas and workshops in Europe.

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