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The musicians






Alejandro Picciano was born in Buenos Aires. His dilated career has made him participant as well as author in more than 15 albums. Influenced by diverse popular genres, combines his passion with an intimate, personal style with a novel touch in his electric guitar.

He studied with great masters as Marcelo Mayor, Armando de la Vega and Juan Benítez. He studied Popular Music in S.A.D.E.M, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As guitar soloist, he has participated in all albums by Mariel Martínez, where, in addition, he deals with musical arrangements and musical management. Those albums have received excellent critics leading to concerts in Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Morocco and Argentina. 
In 2011 he participated in Litto Nebbia’s last album as a guitarist in the song which gives name to the album “La canción del mundo”. At this moment he is presenting his new album “BUENOS AIRES…Cuando lejos me vi” and the recent DVD “Cádiz”, recorded live in the Castle of Saint Cataline in Cádiz (Spain). In 2012 they recorded an album live in the legendary theatre Calderón in Madrid.

In 2013 Alejandro Picciano and Mariel Martínez recorded as a duet the album “Esos otros Tangos”, nominated to best album in the prestigious Gardel’s Awards 2014.



htmlrich_fichimagen.gifFEDERICO PEUVREL - PIANO


Pianist and composer, he has toured in Buenos Aires’ stages. He was the founder for the musical ensemble Cinco pa’l peso in 2003, with whom he recorded his first album in 2004 with the patronage of the Ministry of Culture in Buenos Aires.

In 2005 during a tour in France, he decided to settle down in the city of Vicenza (Italy). It was there where he recorded his second album, “Tango Payo” in 2008 along with the collaboration of Italian musicians.

Halfway through 2008 he decided to move to Madrid, where he revived his quartet with local musicians. At the same time he was performing with Mariel Martínez and Alejandro Picciano, and together they performed in the season of “Noches de Tango en Madrid” (Tango Nights in Madrid). By then he became a permanent member with Mariel Martínez and decided to form a band, La Porteña Tango Trío.

He has taken part in the albums “UN PLACER” and “BUENOS AIRES…Cuando lejos me vi”. He’s been called together by musicians and bands, as prestigious as Venetto Jazz Band (from Venice, Italy) with whom he collaborates and performs in important international stages since he settled down in Madrid.







Coming from a family of musicians, the young bandoneonist Matías Picciano is linked since his early childhood to the tango and professes a true love for this genre. At only 20 years old he has performed in important stages all over Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Israel, Italy and France.


His music is filled his passion and tenderness that contributes to the magic and charm of La Porteña Tango Trío. He studied in the Argentinean professional conservatory Manuel de Falla with Rodolfo Daluisio as teacher, and then with great masters as Miguel Frasca.

In 2014 he recorded his first album with Mariel Martínez and La Porteña Tango Trío “BUENOS AIRES…Cuando lejos me vi”, as well as the recent “Cádiz” DVD, recorded alive, and is planning to recorded a new album with Pía Tedesco, as a tribute to Héctor Stamponi and that will be released in 2016 under the production of Litto Nebbia. 


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